The Shisha Culture in the Middle East

Shisha: A Long, Slow Pleasure One of the pleasures of living in the Middle East is to pass an evening in congenial company while enjoying a shisha of your preferred flavour. Shisha is the traditional Arab water pipe, sometimes called a hookah (but not by the locals). I’ve never been a smoker in the conventional…
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Hookah Facts

Hookahs are waterpipes that are used to smoke specially made tobacco mixtures that come in a wide variety of flavors. They usually work by passing charcoal-heated air through the tobacco mixture and ultimately through a water-filled chamber. A user then inhales the smoke through a tube and mouthpiece. Hookah users often perceive it to be…
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History of Hookah

Hookah pipes have been around for hundreds of years. During the 17th century, hookah pipes were often seen in coffee shops or small restaurants along the streets of Turkey and other Middle Eastern countries. Since then the world of Hookah smoking has greatly expanded. Although we are unsure of the true origin of the water…
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